What Have I Been Up To??

Last time I posted to this, I had posted a progress report on the build of my ParallelPi supercomputer project. At the end of March, I gave a TEDxSMU Audition about the future of budget supercomputing, and how my build was going to bring parallel processing to students and facilities that wouldn’t normally have access […]

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Parallel Pi Update

It’s been a while since I’ve update you guys on my latest project, here we go! After loading ArchLinux onto all of the nodes, setting up the networking, and getting all the wiring done juuuuusst right, I ran into a problem with getting MPI working. MPI, or the message passing interface, is what makes a […]

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The first node of the Parallel Pi Project is alive! I forgot to buy a monitor and a hardware keyboard, but luckily I can use my TV as a monitor, and borrowed a spare keyboard from my mentor, Rob Kalescky. I should have all 12 nodes up and running by tonight!  


Pi Money

I GOT FUNDING TO BUILD MY SUPERCOMPUTER CLUSTER! Thanks to the SMU Big iDeas office, I can now order parts and begin to assemble the cluster, and in exchange I plan to make all parts of the design, development, and final setup of the cluster fully open sourced and transparent. There are a few other Raspberry […]

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Time to Start A New Project

It been a while since I published an article on this blog. Originally I intended for it to be used as a platform for me to explain complex physics in a way that non-scientists can understand but I quickly ran out of things to explain because my knowledge is so limited. Instead I’m going to […]

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