Reaper Botnet: Execute Order 66

Almost exactly a year after the Mirai Botnet took down half of the internet, a new IoT botnet is building itself to launch an even more disruptive attack. On October 19th, CheckPoint announced they’ve started tracking a new botnet, named “Reaper”, which had already found its way into over 1 million organizations. Unlike Mirai, which […]

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The Dark Web and How To Use It

WARNING: The Dark Web is filled with adult content, illegal products, malicious actors, fraud, and generally unsafe stuff. I am not responsible for what you might encounter or be exposed to should you follow this guide. Be careful to keep your data safe and don’t do anything illegal.   Illegal stores, hacker forums, private data stores, […]

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WiFi is (Temporarily) KRACKed

A massive security flaw in the WPA2 encryption protocol has caused panic among the InfoSec community this week. How bad is it? If you own a device that uses WiFi, you’re affected. KRACK, a stylized way to write Key Reinstallation Attack, could allow an attacker within range of a WPA2 protected network to intercept traffic between a client […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of passwords, and why you should be using a password manager

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! In light of recent security events (Equifax, Deloitte, BlueBorne, Mac firmware, etc.), I’m going to try to post about ways that you, as an individual can better protect yourself when companies don’t care about properly securing your data. First up, passwords. According to Intel Security, the average user has […]

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Self Destructing Scripts

I came across an interesting piece of malware today that completely confused me, The behavior of the script was similar to your standard malware, it dropped executables all over the hard drive in an effort to make itself persistent, but the dropper itself had a cleanup function that deleted itself and overwrote itself so it […]

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