RPi2 -> RPi 3 retro game console

I finally got around to building the Pi-based retro gaming console I mentioned here! I used the Raspberry Pi 2 I already had, with 2 Logitech USB controllers I got on Amazon a few years ago. It works beautifully for emulation for Gameboy/GBA games, as well as some other super old school systems (SNES, Atari, etc.). It does run into issues with graphics intensive consoles like the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart runs at 20FPS which is playable, but not enjoyable. I haven’t tried playing it with 2 players yet, but I imagine its a miserable experience. To fix this, I ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 which should be here in time for the weekend, and retro game night with my coworkers. The Pi 3 still doesnt fix the issue of power at the USB ports, but the same solution I came up with for the Pi 2 should work without a hitch. I basically got a powered 4 port USB hub, plugged the hub into the Pi’s USB port for communication, plugged the hub into the wall, and plugged the Pi into the hub, so its all running on one plug. Its not the most elegant solution, but it works. If its stupid and it works, its not stupid.


Up next? Who knows.

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