Whats next?

I’ve been a busy guy these last few months.

The Parallel Pi Supercomputer Project is officially complete! I’ve done calculations using multiple processors and it works!

Here are some numbers:

  • Total Power Draw at Max Usage: 63W
  • Total Power Draw at Idle: 15W (I suspect that most of this is the switch)
  • Speed: 5.76GFLOPS

I’ve run out of productive things to do with the supercomputer, so its been sitting idle at my desk until this weekend, I found it a temporary task to do (more on that in a bit). I’m trying to find someone who wants to continue tinkering with it because I no longer have time to. High performance computing is a very quickly expanding field with new technologies and programs being developed all the time, and Parallel Pi will has the potential to be a very strong platform for learning supercomputing at an extremely low cost. If you know anyone who is interested in taking it over, let me know!


GDT is awesome! After my summer with them, I stayed on during this fall semester, and will hopefully go full time with them after I graduate. In the last 5 months, I’ve gotten to build and test some really cool technology, and its been a really great experience.


So, whats next? What is my next big project?

I have absolutely no idea. I’ve done a lot of random smaller projects, like building an OSMC media center using a spare RPi2 I had lying around or creating lots of little random python scripts that will eventually be useful, but right now they just waste time.

This past weekend I had a pretty funny solution to a nearly nonexistent problem. Two of my friends decided that the “poke” feature on facebook wasn’t getting enough love from us, so they started a poke war. That’s right. I’m in my first poke war since 2010. Being an engineer, I wanted to create a solution that would require minimal interaction from me, so I wrote a python script that would automatically poke back for any pokes I received.

I quickly ran into an issue, the computer the script was running on needed to be active at all times to respond to the poke immediately, so I re-purposed  the Parallel Pi Supercomputer and created a virtual desktop to auto poke people back. I think its overqualified to do that.



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