Pi Money


I GOT FUNDING TO BUILD MY SUPERCOMPUTER CLUSTER! Thanks to the SMU Big iDeas office, I can now order parts and begin to assemble the cluster, and in exchange I plan to make all parts of the design, development, and final setup of the cluster fully open sourced and transparent. There are a few other Raspberry Pi clusters out there and the rest of the mad scientists aren’t quite as willing to share their work. Fortunately, I’m a huge believer in free information and knowledge for the greater good so everything I do will be documented here!

Today, I ordered every part I need for the build, including the Raspberry Pis, SD Cards, networking switches, power cables, a small TFT display, cable crimpers, and 250 feet of CAT6 cable. In order to have the cleanest build possible, I’ll be terminating my own cables to make sure the cables are the perfect length, but any off the shelf ethernet cable will work for the cluster.

Also, shout out to Amazon Prime for free 2 day shipping! I can start assembling as soon as the parts arrive early next week.

Pictures to come soon!

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